Our Rioja portfolio balances styles, ideas, price points, grape varietals, terroirs and are unified under the ‘Rioja’ umbrella instead of the ‘Spanish Red’ umbrella. Rioja is a classic wine region that is regaining market share in recent years as an affordable alternative to her French and New World contemporaries.

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Abel Mendoza
Gomez Cruzado
Hacienda El Ternero
Ad Libitum
Laderas de Cabama


We were very honored to met the humble, gracious, hard working, smart people who are the backbone of this new frontier for Spanish wine and we left some excellent wines behind. Whether it is from us or someone else, you will know the name Arlanza shortly and the next generation of Sommeliers will definitively know Arlanza.

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Alonso Angulo
Bodegas Lerma


Txakolina is three geographically related but distinct wine regions. They are all extremely cool, wet climates and are heavily influenced by the Atlantic Ocean. Two are centered around coastal cities, Bilbao and San Sebastian and one is a dramatic river valley, 45 kilometers south (inland) of Bilbao.

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Gorka Izagirre

Ribera del Duero

In a region that has enjoyed unparalleled growth and success in Spain, we thought the last thing we would find in Ribera were great wines available for the market. We were wrong! Both of our suppliers have interests in other wineries we represent and ultimately, we had to say ‘yes’. Corimbo, from the eastern La Horra area represents many of the oldest plantings in the region and impeccable elaboration. Target: the cure for the bland and common Dueros.

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Bodegas La Horra


Madeira’s storied past and legendary wines have ignited the passions and imaginations of the world’s greatest sommeliers, writers, poets, critics and connoisseurs for generations, yet the Madeira wine industry has become a mere shadow of it’s former self. Madeira Vintners joins it’s long established and best quality neighbors in the pursuit of reimagining and reinvigorating the Island’s wine trade.

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Madeira Vintners

Penedes (Cava)

Things are bubbling in Catalonia - even IN the bottles! Spain’s great sparkling wine region also yields great quality tables wines also. This other dimension to Spanish wine is one of the most exciting wine regions in the world at the moment.

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Penedes (Cava)